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The effective connection formula of SANCOM

Our laboratory studies helped us to create our own connection formula.
The effective connection formula of SANCOM is the sum of three factors:

Automatic backup technologies are considered the gold standard in the SANCOM's work. We duplicate all components and connections. In case of emergency, the fallback resources are activated automatically in 30 seconds.
We use up-to-date preventive measures. Our self-learning system allows for the monitoring of the signs of failures and helps us prevent potential problems.
Instant reaction and feedback. We typically respond to the client’s message in 3 minutes. The response time does not exceed 15 minutes during working hours.
Connecting with better result
We are in this business since 2013. And here is what so important for us:
Not a single client has left SANCOM during nine years!
Our solutions

Our services and solutions have proven their reliability and effectiveness in hundreds or even thousands of cases. They can be called real catalysts of our effective connection formula.

Here are just a few of them:

Predictive Dialers Optimizer
Efficient distribution of calls from predictive dialers of a client to special routes.

Most call centers focused on the sales efficiency prefer to use the so-called predictive dialers. This feature enables you to distribute calls efficiently and optimize the work of the sales agents.

At the same time, telecom companies do not like calls generated by predictive dialers because only 10%-15% of the resources they use bring profit. In this case, companies send such calls to routes with low priority and quality, and sometimes completely block them. This behavior has a negative effect on the work of call center agents.

Our solution provides a client with a routes for this type of calls. It’s possible due to special conditions of cooperation between telecom companies and networks which receive the calls from predictive dialers.

HLR lookups
Status verification of the phone numbers selected for dialing.

We recommend our clients to use a special solution called "HLR lookups" before a call. It allows you to check the status of the phone numbers selected for dialing. The solution eliminates the numbers that cannot be dialed at a specific time.

Experience shows that the database may contain up to 30% of numbers which are unavailable at the time of a call. There are many reasons why this happens: a phone is switched off, a number is no longer in service, an error in a number length with an extra digit or a digit missing etc.

The HLR lookups solution helps clients to save their time and resources for the entire call campaign.

For expensive and confidential calls there is a data encription solution based on 2048-4096 bit encryption keys.

More and more often we learn about an unfair behavior of some companies engaged in industrial espionage, who intercept details and contents of competitors calls.

To eliminate such situations, we offer a solution for voice and signaling message encryption: TLS + SRTP with AES-CM-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard-Counter Mode) and 80-bit HMAC-SHA1 (Hash-based Message Authentication Code with Secure Hashing Algorithm 1) profiles, as well as AES-CM-256 and 32-bit HMAC-SHA1.

As a result, our clients can be confident not only in quality of calls, but also in confidentiality of conversations carried out via communication channels provided by SANCOM.

DID Replacer
Number ranges for 50 countries allow for necessary number change in a shortest possible time.

For business related with phone calls, it is often necessary to enlarge or even change your phone number base. We provide our clients with numbers from 50 countries without any formalities or delays. Usually it takes from 15 minutes to 24 hours, depending on a country.


A solution for bulk SMS campaigns with broad functionality.

Our clients often need to inform their subscribers about promotions and sales, or notify them about changes in the schedule. Our functional and up-to-date solution for bulk SMS campaigns is perfect for these purposes.

A solution for automatically detecting answering machines to increase dialing efficiency.
Coming soon

Answering machines and switching to voice mail turn out to be a real headache when working in a call center of the Western European region. Subscribers of telecom companies in European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy) encounter this problem the most frequently. In their turn, communications service providers in Asia and Latin America often prefer to "speak out" the number status if it is unavailable, and that provides an opportunity to automatically determine a cause of the dial-up problem, classify and process the call correctly.

We are actively preparing to launch an intelligent solution "Antibot", which allows you to detect answering machines and switching to voice mail. The solution is designed for radical improvement of a work efficiency for our clients in certain regions.

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