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Each task which is processed in our laboratory, turns to be unique. Each business has its own features and nuances.

We love these features and this uniqueness. Each new project is a challenge for our team, and every our solution is another victory, and we like to win!

However, there is an efficiency indicator that unites all projects and makes them similar. We’re talking about the great result! The result of SANCOM's efforts in each project is the increase of ASR and ACD indexes.

ASR formula:
number of answered calls
number of calls
ACD formula:
duration of answered calls
number of answered calls

ASR (Answer Seizure ratio) is a statistical parameter which determines the quality of connection in a given direction through a specific telephony node, such as PBX or switch (or SoftSwitch in IP telephony).

ASR is defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in SG2 recommendations: E. 411: "International network management — Operational guidance".

ACD (Average Call Duration) is the statistical parameter of the PBX, telephony switch (or SoftSwitch in IP telephony), which shows the average duration of calls in a particular direction.

The ACD value is usually calculated based on the detailed call data records (CDR). Often, ACD is used by providers to assess the demand for directions, as well as determine indirectly the connection quality of a specific direction. For example, if the average statistical ACD value decreases in a certain direction, this means that subscribers do not like the connection quality.

ASR is calculated as a percentage of the answered calls number to the total number of call attempts in a specified direction. While situations such as subscriber unavailability and other rejected calls are considered as unsuccessful call attempts, the calculated value of the ASR parameter may vary depending on the behavior of the dialed subscriber.


In other words, the more effective the calls are, the more transactions appear.

Conversion from calls to sales directly relates with the number of successful calls.

It means that any call center focused on sales is interested in increasing the number of the efficient calls and their duration.

Thus, reliable route directly affects the income and the effectiveness of the whole business!

5-30%ASR increase

Long-term experience and our solutions allow us to achieve an increase in the ASR index by 5-30%, depending on the scope of business and features of the offered products and services.

Here are just a few vivid examples of the connection quality impact on the business effectiveness:

Case 1.
Increase in sales growth in China

The company performing phone calls to recipients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore reported an $108,000 per month increase in sales because of ASR increase by almost 30%.

– - International CPA network

Case 2.
Increase in client deposits in Poland and Baltics

A steady increase in the volume of client deposits by 10% in Poland and Baltic states because of the increase of an Answer Seizure ratio by 48% and an average call duration to 3 minutes.

– - Malta broker of financial services

Case 3.
Increase in German client deposits

A 20% increase in the volume of client deposits from Germany after a two-week call campaign, as a result of a 20% reduction of calls going to voicemail and answering machines.

– - International forex broker

These are just some examples of the telecom tests and studies which we conduct in the SANCOM laboratory for our clients.

We'll be happy to tell you more about this and many other successful and demonstrative cases during a personal meeting.

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